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What does Stepping Stones do?

One of our aims is to rescue children in India from poverty, child traffickers and other forms of abuse and to provide them with a safe home, food, clothes and a lot of love!

Each child receives a full education up to class 12. Once they graduate, they will then be supported into further education or employment.

Our Promise to you.

We will make every effort to ensure that all of your donation is used for the benefit of the children and thank you for your understanding that if urgent matters arise, some funds may be needed to continue to meet our charitable objects in India.

Where do the children come from?

Our children are either orphans, from single parent families, abandoned or from families that are too poor to support them. Most of our children come from remote villages in West Bengal or Jharkhand State, India

What does my role as sponsor entail?

Our children love to receive letters and photos from their sponsors. We will assist you in how to do this.
We celebrate all of the children’s birthdays on 26th of October so we ask sponsors to send us a birthday card for their child with a letter and photos of your home/family etc.

We also hope to take a letter from you to your child when we visit India in Feb/March each year.
Apart from completing the mandate attached, these two letters are all that is required from you.

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What do I receive?

You will receive information about your child’s background and a recent picture of them.

Each year you will receive two hand made cards from your child. A Christmas card and an Easter card. Each card will also enclose a recent photo.

You will also receive our annual update/newsletter.

..but most importantly, you will receive great satisfaction in knowing you have made a difference in the life of a young child in India.


Now what do I do?

Please complete the Standing Order Mandate attached below and return it to us at 26 Moor Lane, Newby, YO12 5SH. If you prefer to do internet banking, please use our bank details on the mandate and email us through our contact page or give us a call at 01723 374540.

If you want to make a single donation of any amount please click on the donate button below.

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