Building Work Begins - (Christmas Catalogue raised £1126)

At last the building work begins.  

Thank you for all you support in getting to this place, and particularly to those who supported through the Christmas Catalogue.  You helped us to raise £1126!

The building plans have been agreed, the boundary wall has been built, the plans have been drawn/pegged out on the land and finally, on Sunday 17th January, work began on the foundations.  It is such a joyous time and the girls visit regularly with their house mother to see the progress of their new home.  We can only imagine the excitement they must feel.  Bigger bedrooms, inside showers and bathing facilities, a dining room and a study room and of course all the fixtures and fittings that go with a new home. smiley

We have just put in our most recent Gift Aid Claim so thanks to the Government and all you people who are able to gift aid their donations, we are expecting just over £3000 back from the Government in just a few weeks.  That will go straight over to Ranaghat towards the building work.  Please continue to pray with us for the rest of the 30,000 it is going to cost to complete the work, and of course if you would like to do a fund raising event or to invite us to you group/church to speak about the work please let us know and we will do what we can to assist.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.  You are such a blessing!

If you would like to support the building work  please feel free to give as much or as little as you like!  Donations can be made direct to the Stepping Stones bank account  at HSBC sort code 40 40 22. Acc no 61606891 or via the PAYPAL button on our support page *(follow the link below) . If you would like to Gift Aid your donation please put GA in your payment reference with your house number and postcode e.g. GA28YO123DT.  Thanks again everyone. 

checkout our Support page

Mission Team - The next team travels to India on March 16th 2016.

If you sponsor a child at Bethel House or Bethany Home and would like to write to them, please get your photos and letters to Richard and Tracey before 10th March.  The team are travelling on Wed 16th March so please send your letters to our postal address or if you usually pass them direct to one of our Stepping Stones Trustees at your local church, please make sure they have them by Sunday 6th March to give them time to pass them to us.

Photo's and news will be uploaded to our website as soon as we return.  

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